It is good business practice that elevator systems must be maintained on a regular basis. Elevator Engineering Enterprises will remove the worry of meeting this requirement by maintaining your elevator equipment on a time schedule that best suits you and providing the highest professional and engineering standards ensure compliance with all statutory regulations.

We can provide with

  • Fully trained and experienced maintenance specialist.
  • A rapid response maintenance visit to minimize downtime, our staffs operates 24hours,365 days of the year.
  • Whatever your elevator requirements, our professional and planned approach to your problem ensures you can be confident with the solutions we provide.

We also provide spare parts, maintenance and service for all other brands of elevators

Flexible services and scheme

We provide a range of service options you can mix and match to suit your individual requirements. You choose the service options to fit your operational needs and budgetary constraints, ensuring the very best value for money.

Planned maintenance visits

  • Call-out attendance (during and outside normal working hours)
  • A caretaker service for inactive lifts

Experienced personnel

With Elevator Engineering Enterprises you’re working with a professional team.

  • We are totally reliable, when we make an appointment we keep it
  • Our engineers are forward thinking, proactively assessing components for wear and future reliability
  • Provide improvement recommendations so that you can plan, budget and maintain a consistently reliable elevator
  • We provide preventative maintenance plan, minimizing costly downtime and improving operation safety.